Paint & Painting Contractor FAQs

{slider Do I do my own work?|closed}

Yes, I do. I own the license. do the work. pay the bills. sell the job.
This is important because there are a lot of companies out there that only sell the job, then hire a crew that may or may not be licensed in any way - some don't own the license, and some companies are just franchises.
The most important thing is a licensed contractor in AZ cannot have a felony record. Some companies get around this by having someone else be the qualifying party while the owner is a convicted felon, not to speak of the employees he may hire.

{slider Is it important to use high-quality product?>

Absolutely! Some guys will say the product on your house was of a low quality, but it lasted until now - 10 or 15 years. The truth is, the product on your house was only meant to last as long as the ROC warranty lasts, and that is 2 years. The most you can expect to get out of a low-quality product is 5 years. By that time, in the AZ sun, the product has oxidized and lost its ability to repel the elements. And that's why the cracks start, and the stucco starts popping off the wood warps. Speaking of wood, the wood on all of the newer home around the eaves is called "White wood". This is the lowest quality wood out there; weak, porous and very dry, so it needs to be kept in good condition.

{slider Isn't all paint much the same, or just all made from the same formula?>

You will also hear some guys say, "Well, this paint is almost as good as the best stuff, just less expensive." When you think about it, what do you do to make something less expensive? You take out the high priced additives and add cheaper ones or just leave them out altogether. That is why I only use the highest quality products. Over the years, testing several products from all the companies, I can say all the companies whose product I use are the best. Yes, they are expensive but worth every penny in the long term.

{slider Do you do work in HOAs?>

The short answer is "Yes". Though most HOAs are pretty easy to get along with, most have their own CC&RS and require the home owner to submit forms and colors (if they even allow color changes) for approval. As a home owner, you should do this before you seek out a Contractor to paint your house.