Did you know? Referral services can increase your cost!

Did you know when you use a referral service like Home Adviser that you are increasing the cost of your project?

Let me explain...

Referral services charge for every lead they send to a Contractor, and they also send that lead to no less than three contractors, Depending on what the project is, let's stay with painting, a complete house repaint is upwards of $50.00 per lead, So if I was to get 2 leads a week that would be over $5000.00 a year in my profits I need to make back just to break even. I would have to do at least six jobs that at $1500.00 each to make that back after you subtract the cost of doing business,

Now that does not mean your cost will be $50.00 bucks more because that what the contractor pays, You have to remember your contractor wont get all the jobs he gets leads for - remember three others got the same lead. I had been on these services for a while and quickly found that this was not a profitable system.

You might think that the benefits out weigh the cost - for example, the services do back round checks! Actually, they don't, and they don't do them on all the employees. With the turnover that a lot of contractors go through they can't be sure of who you might be letting into your home.

With a licensed contractor the state does this for the owner or the qualifying party. The bottom line is these services, whether Home Advisor, Angie List, or anyone else, they will cost you a lot of money.

Lowest price guarantee... LOL!
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Friday, 22 October 2021
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