Before you ring

To help me help you, and to speed up the whole process so we can help restore your house to a "like new" appearance, please read the following. Thank you!

Before you call please know what you want to do and give me as much info as you can about your project, NOT I want to paint my house! :-)

Basic info like interior or exterior, square footage, whether approval is required from your HOA, repairs needed, whether single story or two stories.

What colors are currently on the surfaces to be painted and what you want to go with.

For interiors, do you want to paint doors, trim, ceilings, or just the walls?

Is the house is vacant or you are living in it now? Do you have tenants approval?

what your time frame is for completing the job?

What it comes down to is if you want an accurate estimate, I need all the info you have or it won't be correct.