Our Mission Statement For Painting Your House

Dear Potential Customer,

To me this means giving you the best job using the best product to paint your house, why is this important you ask?

First, let’s talk “Preparation“.

If the painter doesn’t prepare the surface to be painted, even on a good surface, it can cause peeling. Getting the surface clean of all dirt and loose or oxidized paint is very important. This is why I power wash all exterior stucco and wood before I start. Fixing cracks in the stucco is also very important. Large cracks can allow water and dirt to get in and deteriorate the stucco.

Wood trim also needs to be prepped. Because wood is much more porous than stucco or brick it usually fails much faster and will need more work. It is common to sand the trim before painting. If you let it go too long you may need to replace the trim, this can be much more expensive. In most cases, I hand brush all of the wood trim to make sure I have inspected it thoroughly.

Second is “Products”

Paint comes in a lot of Grades and all manufacturers make all the grades. The most common term you will hear is ‘Contractor Grade’ this is the lowest possible grade you can get. Sorry to point this out, but this is what a lot of painters in Phoenix use. This product is meant for the guy who has bid a job as cheap as he can and wants it to last as long as the ROC warranty (which is two years). You will be lucky if it last that long, and luckier if you can find that painter in a year. Here are a few examples of what happens after a year:

Example 1      Example 2      Example 3

This is important to you because you need to know what is being put on your house. When it comes to exterior paint you want to use 100% acrylic paint here in the Arizona Sun. Nothing less! This is why I use A100 as my lowest grade paint on exteriors. Lower quality paints will begin to lose their ability to repel water and the sun in as little as one year. It may look good when it’s new but it will not last.

A high-quality interior paint is needed as well – especially with kids around. I personally have seen cheap paint get wiped off the wall with soap and water. These were walls that had been repainted in a semi gloss or a low sheen product.

I paint a lot of rentals. One important factor is being able to clean walls after a tenant moves out. The home owner saves money because they don’t have to repaint after each tenant leaves.

So in closing, I only ask that you compare apples to apples. Do your research to make sure you’re not getting ripped off. Ask what type of paint they are going to use, how long they have been in business, and for referrals. After all, it’s your house and I’ll bet you don’t want to spend more money to repaint any time soon because you compared apples to lemons.

Be sure you are hiring a licensed contractor that is licensed to paint your house. To find out more about contractor licensing in Arizona visit the Arizona ROC website: http://www.azroc.gov.

Don Folk (owner)